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9+ Best WordPress Plugins must install in your blog free


Welcome to our new post, in this, we will tell you which plugin you should use?
Any blogger wants to write a very good post on his blog. Want to bring traffic to it, wants to rank it so! but plugin is most important role in blog so. Here we are going to share some plugin that you have to install on your blog because it is a very important plugin that optimizes your content and blocks very well.

As we know, many bloggers are doing blogging on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the best platform to start blogging but you have to install plugins to make your blogs in the Google search ranking. So, today we will tell you some best WordPress plugins install.

Best WordPress plugins for Beginners

We have to do proper SEO to make our post rank in the Google search engine. For SEO, you have to install some plugins so that your post can look better.

There are more than 50,000 plugins available on WordPress and it is quite a difficult task to choose the best plugins for a beginner. If you have the best plugins, then your site will grow for sure. Some plugins are free and some are paid, so today we will tell you the best SEO plugin for WordPress which will help you to make your site attractive.

Best WordPress plugins

So here are the plugins which everyone should install on WordPress to increase your business and generate more leads.

# WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a great WordPress plugin that helps to speed up your website automatically. There is no need to change any settings to increase your website speed, just install this plugin. In this plugin, you will also get an Image optimization feature which helps to load images faster.

It performs automatically to load images faster and the main benefit is that it doesn’t wait for someone to request to save it in the cache. Thus plugin crawls automatically and helps in boosting your website page. This is a paid WordPress plugin but it is very effective for all the bloggers.

# Yoast SEO

Yoast seo daddybloger Best wordpress plugins install
yoasy seo

This is one of the best WordPress plugins install in your blog which helps to write blogs in a proper way. This plugin provides you all the tools which are necessary for On-page SEO. Yoast can detect the change of URL and it can create redirected URLs so that your website should now have any broken links. It also helps in adding Meta tags, generate sitemap, and many more things.

It will help you in writing an article, where the ‘readability’ has much importance. If the content post and it shows red or orange readability, then you have to make some improvements in your article. It will mention the mistakes below your article, where you can check it and rectify it. It is a free plugin, so there is no hesitation in installing and activation of this plugin.

# Elementor page builder

This is one of the best plugins of the WordPress platform. It helps to make your page more attractive, by adding columns, and rows. It is quite easy to use and works in an efficient way. It replaces normal editor to frontend editor which helps to create complex layouts and make your website attractive with good designing. If you are writing on WordPress, then you don’t have to switch to any other editor, you can customize with Elementor page builder. There is also a drag and drop option available for the users and there are more than 2 million downloads of this plugin. You will get this plugin at free of cost.

# WP Forms

WP forms best wordpress plugin install

WP Forms is a very necessary plugin which everyone should use for their website. We all know that contact form is necessary for every website. To make more reach to our website, you have to add a contact form, email subscription form, and payment form. WP forms help you to create these types of forms. It is very easy to make these forms, you can make these forms in less than 10 minutes. This plugin has more than 3 million downloads and has a constant rating of more than 4.5. This is a paid plugin, but you can also get free access to use it with simple features. If you want all the features, then you have to go with the paid version. The premium version is best if you want to grow your website.

# Woo Commerce

This plugin is used for the online stores. If you have an online store website where you are selling products, then this plugin is best for you. This plugin has some features that can add all the details and description of your product. This plugin will give you an extension to make your website more attractive and you can generate more leads. If you want all the advanced features of this plugin, then you have to spend $12.95 per month. This is the best plugin of WordPress among all other plugins if you have an online store.

woo commerce  best wordpress plugin install

# Monster Insights

This is a great plugin to connect your website to Google Analytics. There you can see all the details of your viewers like what they are doing on your page, how much time they stay on your website, and what they are searching for. It gives all the highlights of your website. The main benefit is that you don’t have to go again and again on Google Analytics to check the reports, you can check all these details on the WordPress dashboard.

By getting all this information, you can optimize your website to increase the traffic and to generate more leads from your website. This plugin has more than 2 million downloads. Monster Insights is a free plugin, if you want more advanced features then you have to move to the premium version. 

So these are the best WordPress plugins install, there is no need to install all the plugins on your WordPress. It depends on your business and then select the best plugins and then install them. If you will not install plugins, then you will not able to get your mistakes and you will do a blunder in a continuous way.

#WP super cache

This plugin if any user open your website then it catches all your website data in cookies Browser if there are open again then it fastly open it can not take more time to reload the data touch in her website which browser that can use is severe URL status of your website and when the serial open again your website then it usually to open not take more time.

Wp super cashe  best wordpress plugin install

#Woo ozone

What kind of plugin is this that if you have an affiliate website, then by installing this plugin, the product you want to post on your website too. You can therefore bring this product to your website.
If you want to put any product on your website, then all you have to do is select the product and all the products that you have selected will be automatically uploaded on your website as a post. This is way to generate sales leads for sale.

#Acceleration mobile pages(AMP)

Amp plugin  best wordpress plugin install
AMP Plugin

It makes mobile-friendly off your website.
AMP has to do all kinds of settings that make your mobile-friendly pages. From page builder, you can make send mobile-friendly. Performance Analytic Structured Data Note This time there are Push Notification Contact Form Comment Stand, Article Tools Advanced Settings, E-Commerce and many more features that you have to set up yourself and this is very important thing in is that it have given advance sitting in which you can accelerate your pages upgrade to Pro basic setup and advanced set up there are two versions.

#Add to any share button

If you write any of your posts, by using the A to Any Share button to share it, you are interested on Twitter Facebook Google, WhatsApp and many other more features, with fear platform available in this there are many other option to share your website care your post on social media and another sharing platform it is very easy to boost up your traffic on your blog with share on social media if any user come your website and they want to see your post then its have any sharing button that can use to share your post.

Addtoanyshare plugin

#UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

UpdraftPlus you know that backup if you have any problem in your WordPress or maybe your WordPress UNinstall then, is plugin help to you import your all the settings and data from restoring by WordPress using this plugin this is the most important plugin which is used to import your website on WordPress again because there are many technical is so you have to install WordPress then reinstall your WordPress and import your block then this plugin helps to import your blog.

Updraftplus plugin
 best wordpress plugin install

#Link checker

On the behalf of my research it is the most important plugin in WordPress because any newbie bloggers want to approve Google approval in his block then must follow the broken link are not allowed in your blog because Google hates this broken link so this link checker help to manage your block broken link it so where is your blog broken link in your post page and your site it is most helpful to remove broken Link from your blog so I think it is the best for all the Newbie bloggers who want to approval from Google then it must remove the broken Link from using this plugin.

how to increase traffic on your blog?


So friends, in this post we told you, Best WordPress Plugins must install in your blog free which is more helpful for newbie bloggers because they have no more knowledge to install a plugin in a blog they install many plugins so in this post we share only important plugins for loggers So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below. Thank you

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