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How to choose Right domain your blog


  • Domain most important for visitor first time anyone visit your website then he looks to see your domain first and first impression is the last impression so it is very important to choose our domain  for your business
  • If you want to start any business, then its name is your branding. It is very difficult to use a website name because you are going to name your business like a Born Baby is named. That way you brand your website.
  • Because whatever you name, you have to make it your brand, it has to be famous. Traffic has to be brought to that. Seeing everything, even you mute your blog and make unique from others
  • To understand, let us tell an examination that Blackberry and Apple were not these brands. It was just Fruit’s name. But it is very big on today’s date. If a brand has been created, similarly you will also keep your name branded.

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9+ Complete guidelines to choose right domain for your blog

Here are some aspects that can help you buy your domain name. Keeping all these points in mind you buy and keep your domain name.

Select domain name belong to your niche –

Whatever you are going to create your website on that Niche, your domain name should be related to it. If your domain content a niche then you optimize your domain with SEO friendly so you have to must keep niche in your domain because if any SEO tools work then your domain must help to improve your SEO Optimization because the domain is the main branding name which used in your website to promote and make famous

Easy to Audible-

There should be ease of hearing. Any person Easily can listen to your domain name. He should not feel confused. The word that is good must be heard so that any person can hear it easily. Could write, read, etc

Top-level Extensions-

There are some extensions that a lot of people use. He has many users. Therefore, the maximum number of customers who come to search, they search all these related extensions. So it is important that you purchase your domain by using these top extensions only for example I can suggest you some top extension for domain

Top 5 global Domain name extension

Daddybloger choose right domain name

.COM – 83.1 Million

.DE –    14.5 Million

.CN –    13.5 Million

.NET-   13.02 Million

.UK –     7.83 Million

Use Domain generator –

By using the domain name generator, you will, therefore, get a lot of recommendations by using whatever you want to keep your website’s domain name. According to that, your available domain name will be generated. According to which you keep your domain name.

Name available on social media-

If you are creating your own blog, then it is very important that you keep your branding. It is very important to keep it on social media. It is good to create an account related to this blog on all social media B because if your fans on social media then any update in your blog then it updates to your followers and it is good way to generate traffic on your website. So you should have such an available name on social media that if you look at something official or not, it is your branding. You get this kind of name easily. It is very good on social media for name it is not easily available because many of millions of users can use and make their names but whatever you choose your domain deciding on you are you can make an account on social media so you must have to must keep in this mind to have to create a social account.

Include keyword-

SEO is the main factor of your domain because you have to rank your post in word on keyWord so you have try to keep the keyword in Domain It may help to optimize domain because if you use keyword in your domain name is very helpful to our blog for ranking your website. If you want to rank your page then you have to include in your domain.

Try to keep Short and easy-

Try something that your domain name is very small because it is easy to listen and therefore you can write. If you lengthen too much, then there are very difficulties in writing it. Therefore, I will adjust you to select your domain for as little as three words.
If your name is short then anyone can write and search immediately. People are capable of writing big names. He does not write. They think Want to search by writing the shortest name. So you want to keep your domain small.

Use domain name checker –

It is a website which can provide you to choose a domain name which is available on domain name provider or not and they also suggest which is related to this domain name are available or not let me show you some example below.

Instant domain search

Domain wheel

Use domainleansearch great domain-

One of the most popular website learn domain search which is to provide domain name generator if you have entered any domain name then they do all of the available domain names in in Domain provider.
There are many filter option if you search any name of Domain then it shows all the available domain name start with a search term and end with a search term.
They provide the name of your domain thousand variety to choose your choose right domain name which can be looking good for you you have to easily choose from there.

In this figure let example for right domain search like digital many option to select our domain.

Daddybloger leandomainsearch 
choose domain
image by- Leandomainsearch

Try to buy .com extension domain –

.Com This type of use is very high. The use of this is too much in Broadley World. A lot of the blog and website which is a large number of website which remains on dot com. Therefore it is very best. So I will make sure you buy .com. i think it is best to choose right domain for your blog.

Most important Point that are not contained in your domain name

Not use-and number –

It is a very wrong practice that you should not do any number in your domain name as soon as you write it here. It is not written because if you will write down the numbers, then there is a problem in searching. And not writing easily in search.

Not use long name of your domain –

If you select a long name, there is little confusion in writing and listening to it. So now if you keep the short name, then good.

Don’t copy from other famous domain –

What most new bloggers do is what they do. Look at the other’s dormant and search and buy their domain related to it. This is a very wrong process. This should not be done. You have to create a separate identity. That’s why you should purchase a different and most unique domain.

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 Am share my idea about complete guideline for Choose right Domain name for your blog and where ti buy it may help to other people So I hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below.  Thank you

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