how to do off-page seo

How to do Off-Page SEO

Techniques to drive traffic from Off-Page SEO


Everyone wants to drive traffic on their websites, for that, we have to perform some actions like Off-Page SEO. So today in this blog we will tell you how to do Off-Page SEO.


As we know, content is king in blogging. But still, we have to do many other things to rank our post in the Google Search Console. The actions we perform on our website to improve traffic and better ranking is called On-Page SEO and the actions we perform outside the website is called Off-page SEO.

SEO is the most important thing to rank your website. You cannot just write the content and wait for better results, you have to work on Off-page SEO to make an authority website.

How to do Off-Page SEO Step by step?

Here are some tips you have to follow for Off-Page SEO. The techniques will definitely help you to grow your website.

# Link Building

Link Building is the best way to generate traffic on your website. There are two types of links you can create, one is Do-Follow backlink and another is No Follow link. Let us explore both.

Do-Follow link means that any other website provides you a backlink on their post. They are providing full authority that this is a trustable website with good quality of content. Then Google will crawl your website, if the content on another website is good then it will improve both website’s authority.

No-Follow backlink means that a website is not providing authority that we are transferring traffic to your website. Like if we are getting traffic from Facebook on our website then Facebook is not providing authority to your website.

This is the basic difference of Do Follow and No Follow that one is providing authority and another is not providing authority. Google will penalize you if you use any black hat technique, so use only quality links otherwise Google will increase your spam score this is main factor to do off page seo techniques.

# Social Media Platform

The Social media platform is a great source to generate traffic on your website. You have to be active on these platforms to gain some trust from the audience.

For that, you have to share your quality content with the audience. You can join groups and pages where you can post your content. If you will provide good content then users will definitely contact you for further information.

Keep sharing all the latest information and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. You have to give a response to your audience so that you can generate more leads and rank your website.

# Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a great source to attract users and a perfect technique to do Off-Page SEO. You have to make a habit of commenting on someone else blogs. Don’t shy to express your views and provide valuable suggestions.

You just have to give your website link with a proper anchor text related to the blog. If your comment is attractive then the user will definitely click on that anchor text and will reach your website. But make sure, don’t leave only a link of your website otherwise, the website owner will remove your comment. Your comment should be genuine with informative details.

You can also search on YouTube about how to do proper Blog commenting, you will get many valuable videos where you can learn everything.

# Guest Posts

The Guest post technique is still responsive in 2020. So don’t think that it is an old technique. In Guest post, you have to contact those websites which are related to your niche and with high Domain Authority.

You have to write a post for them and have to add 2-3 links to your web post. They will accept your article only if you have unique content and free from plagiarism. Many peoples are charging the amount to provide backlinks of their website. So if you want to make an authority website then you should definitely try this technique to increase your website traffic .

# Start influencing the Famous websites

This is a great and unknown technique to get some real traffic on your website. You should have a knowledge of all the websites related to your niche which has million or billion of views. Then you have to mail them that you want to ask some basic questions or interview with them. You have to do this thing with at least 50 peoples because we know all of them will not take part in this interview. Now you have to prepare some best questions and have to ask them. Record all the answers and post them on your website.

Viewers will definitely come to your website because they will get to know the views of some experience peoples. After posting, now you have to request them to upload this interview on their website. If they upload, then you will also get good traffic from their websites.

This is a great Off-Page SEO techniques.

# Forum Posting

Today peoples are getting good traffic from Forum posting. Here you have to target some forum websites like Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo answers. Now you have to search a question related to your niche, now you will get some questions. You have to answer the questions in a proper way and interlink your webpage.

Answer questions in a way so that it couldn’t look like that you are promoting your website. First, you have to provide information then add anchor link and then information again. So that it looks like a proper answer. Peoples will start following you and you can grab their attention by giving quality answers. You will get a good amount of traffic from this Forum posting.

# Promotion through Images and Videos

As we all know that videos and images always make some different impression on the viewer’s mind. So if you are promoting your website, then you should take the help of images and videos.

You have to make a detailed video of your website’s niche details. You can share all the details with the help of images, users will definitely attract with this technique. The main platforms where you can perform the actions are YouTube and Pinterest. You have to provide valuable information in your images or videos. This off page seo techniques will help you to get subscribers and followers for your website.


So these are the essential factors for Off-page SEO and also share On-page SEO in privious post which every website author has to do to rank their website in the Google search engine. So we hope that this post will be helpful for you.If you want to use keyword research tools to rank your keyword. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below. Thank you

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