how to do on page seo

How to do On-Page SEO

Essential On-Page SEO factors you need to know


On-Page SEO is a key factor to rank your website. Many peoples are unknown about how important On-Page SEO is, so today, we will tell you some essential On-Page SEO factors on which everyone should have to work.


If you have your website for your business, then you should know how on-page SEO plays the key role to get organic traffic on your website and get traffic.

Many peoples work on off-page SEO for their website. But I will warn them to focus on On-Page SEO because if your content is not good then Google will not rank your website. All I have to say that Content is king so do the focus on your content so that visitors stay on your website for more time.

If the visitor stays more time on your website, then Google will get to know that it is a good website and will promote your website on the top.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the optimization of your web pages to rank your website. All the work which you are doing on your website to promote your website comes under On-Page SEO.

If you work hard for on-page SEO then definitely your website will appear in search engine.

Essential On-Page SEO Factors

Here are some essential On-Page SEO factors, on which you have to work on for more traffic. This guide will help you to take your website at a great level.


URL is the address of your website. Your URL name should be related to your niche. Don’t make your URL so long, make it short and simple. Don’t add jargon words in your URL, otherwise, it will be tough for your audience to search your website.

To improve your site performance, you have to make your URL easy and short. So that it can be easily searched by anyone.

# Title Tags

The title tag is an HTML tag that appears in the head section of your web page. Make sure that your title tag is related to your niche. It will appear on every web page of your website.

Your site URL and title tag should be related to each other. Many people think that title tags have no role but it is the most important thing for on-page SEO.

A good Title tag impacts a good ranking in Google search results. A poor title tag will impact negatively for your SEO.

# Meta description

Meta Description is a summary of your website. It doesn’t directly affect on-page SEO. But Google will help you to search the website with your Meta description.

Your description should be related to your main keyword. The meta description should contain all the things which your website provides. It is necessary to add all the information there.

One more thing you have to keep in mind, that the meta description should not contain more than 150 words.

# Headings

Heading plays a very important role while writing content for your website. There are various types of heading while writing content. You have to do the proper use of that headings. The headings are H1, H2, H3, H4

You have to use H1 heading for the main heading. H2 for the sub-heading. H3 for the minor heading and H4 for the normal.

You have to maintain headings properly. So that it will be easier for Google to crawl your website.

Heading is a very important factor for On-Page SEO.

# Content

The content is the most important factor of On-Page SEO. You have to provide high quality and unique content for your audience.

If you will give high-quality content, then they will follow you and visit your blogs every time. You have to place keywords in the right position to make your article SEO friendly. Don’t try to copy the content, otherwise, Google will penalize your website.

We have already said that content is king, so focus on your content first, and then move further.

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# Do proper keyword placement

As we all know, keywords are also important to make your post appear on Google search engine. Proper keyword placement helps you to rank your posts.

Before writing a new post, you have to do keyword research. You can do keyword research on some free tools like Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest which are completely free.  

If your website is new, then you should go with long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords have low search volume and low competition. These keywords are easy to rank and help to make the authority website.

One option for Newbie Blogger if they not able to invest in buying premium tools then they can used this all premium tools in as a share tools which you can used all this tools by paying some small amount to access this tools and easily research on your topic and may features one of relevant website is for buying this tools is groupseotools

# Add alt-Tag

To make your content more attractive, you have to add images in your post. You have to add an alt tag in your images to provide more information.

You have to add an alt-tag name, which should be related to your post. It will also help Google to find your images. Alt tag helps your post to get rank and can find easily.

# Page speed

You have to do all the things to make your page speed. If your page speed is slow then the user will bounce back in just a second. It will impact negatively for your website and Google will not rank your post.

If you want to do your page speed fast, then you have to compress all of your images and remove all the irrelevant coding from the HTML. Page speed impacts a lot for On-Page SEO, so you have to be careful about that.

 # Audit the content

Many peoples don’t recognize their old content and this is the biggest mistake. You have to audit your website and have to check all of your old content, whether they are correct or not.

You also have to audit to check your posts whether they are ranking or not. If some of your posts are getting ranked,  then work on those posts to make your post appear in the top 3 in Google search engine.

# Interlinking

This is also a very important factor of On-Page SEO. You have to interlink your posts. Interlinking is a process where a user will add a link of his another post in his article. Interlinking will help you to bring more traffic to your website because users can get attract to your other posts. It will also help Google crawlers to discover more of your pages.

We will recommend you add at least 2-3 links to another post.

# Mobile-friendly

Make sure to make your website mobile-friendly. From the reports, we got to know that more than 50% of the traffic on the Internet comes through mobile phones.

If you have not optimized your website for mobile-friendly then you will miss a good amount of traffic on your website. For that, Google will not rank your posts.

So, you have to make sure to optimize your website mobile-friendly.


So these are the essential factors for On-page SEO which every website author has to do to rank their website in the Google search engine.So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below. Thank you

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