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How to Increase Website Traffic ?

11 Ways to Increase Website


Today Blogging is a great platform to express your views and also a good source of income. But the main issue is traffic.

How to increase website traffic ?

So today, in this article we will talk about how to increase website traffic ? There are many ways which we have to keep in our mind to increase traffic on our website. Blogging is all about quality content and patience, you will not earn start in just 3-4 months, at least 10-12 months are required to be perfect in blogging. So just clean your brain and start with a proper niche at which you are suitable to write on. Now we will discuss what are the tips we should follow to increase traffic on website.

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How to Increase Traffic on Website

Quality Content

Many peoples are focusing on just backlinks for traffic on the website. Yes backlinks are the good source of traffic and
also improve your Domain authority, but we will Quality Content is always king.

Without good and unique quality you will never rank. So the content should always be unique, attractive and free from plagiarism. Plagiarism means it should not be copied content. After Quality content you should go for other sources to increase website traffic.

Social Media

Social Media is great platform from where you can generate traffic on website. You have to be very active on social media platform to increase traffic on your website. The main platform are YouTube, Facebook, Interest and many more. You can start your YouTube channel based on your niche and can make some attractive videos on that and share it with peoples. Start joining group on Facebook and enter your Anchor link there where you want traffic. So always be active on Social Media, it’s a great place from where you can get million of traffic.

On-Page SEO

You have to pay proper attention on On-Page SEO where you have to keep thing in mind weather we are doing all
necessary updates on our post or not because its necessary to increase on traffic website. The things which are necessary are Image alt Text, Meta description, interlinking on words and the main things is compressing image because it you will not compress image, the website will take longer time to open than usual time. So these are the things which helps to boost traffic on website.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO also helps you to generate more traffic on
website. Off-Page SEO means a promotion of our website

but not on our page. Off-Page SEO includes backlinks and social media promotion. The main thing in Off-Page SEO is Do-Follow Backlink and No-Follow Backlink. Do-Follow means another any other website is providing our link on their post and giving authority to go to this page and No-Follow means a website is not giving authority to go but user can go through there like in Facebook, many peoples post their link and here Facebook is not providing authority to go there but users can go there. So Off-Page SEO also helps to increase website traffic.

Interview with top Leaders of your niche

This is a great way to boost website on traffic and very few peoples are known about this, so you can take full advantage of that. You have to ready some questions andask them on their mail very leniently like ‘Can I take your Interview on * and I will upload your views on my website. You have to send this mail to top Leaders of our Industry, many of them will say Yes but some will say No.

Then you have to ask questions and have to record all the answers and have write post on your website about their views. Then you have to share it with all the Leaders and you can request them to share this post on their page so that their visitors can also get to know the views of all top leaders. But you should know one thing, the questions should be pure genuine and real. His technique will definitely help you to boost traffic on website.


We all know that keyword research is necessary to start writing an article. You have to go with high Search Volume and with low competition keywords. After this don’t start writing post, you have to do research of all of your competitors also about what they have written with which technique. You have to research for top ranked website on that keyword and have to analyze it properly. Increase traffic on website is not an easy task at all, you have to do proper research of everything before writing a post.
We have a suggestion that if your website is new then go for 1k – 10k search volume keywords.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a perfect SEO technique where you have to write content on third party website to promote your website. Here you have to interlink your blog pages where you have to transfer traffic. This is the best way to improve your domain authority. But you have to very careful while doing guest post. You have to write on same niche website, if your niche is news based then don’t write on any other niche website. Don’t interlink more than 2or 3 pages, otherwise it will be concluded as black hat technique in terms of google. Your content should be unique and free from plagiarism, otherwise any website will not approve your post.


If you have any suggestion for us about how to increase website traffic then please comment below.

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