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How to Earn money online on YouTube


We all know that today many people are earning good income from YouTube. So today in this blog we will provide information about How to earn money on YouTube.


YouTube is a great platform for those who want to express their talent on an online platform. Today many YouTubers had left a different image of themselves in the whole world.  

So if you want to be a YouTuber and want to earn money, then please read this article carefully where we will provide information about how to earn money on YouTube.

How to earn money/make money on YouTube

If you want to be a famous YouTuber then you have to work hard and have to put some patience. No one can become a good YouTube in just a month or two, you need some patience for that. You should learn editing and presentation skills to make a video to upload on YouTube. The audience will like video only when you will provide genuine information with the proper quality of the video. So from here, you have to start.

# Create a YouTube Channel

At first, you have to create a YouTube channel with your Gmail id. Then you have to update your personal information. Set your custom URL instead of going for default URL, some experts said that it will help the audience to search your channel.

# Select the Niche

Select the proper niche at which you can make videos presentable. Make sure to go for that niche on which you have proper knowledge instead of going for someone’s recommendation because at one time your content will be finish and you will unable to decide on which topic you have to make videos.

# Apply for AdSense

After all that, if you want to earn money on YouTube then first of all you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Then you can go to monetization. You have to apply for AdSense account for running ads on your videos. You will get revenue when google allows ads on your videos.

To monetize first, you have to go on YouTube and then tap on your channel icon. Then click on YouTube Studio and tap on other features. There you will see the monetization option, accept the terms and conditions.

If you want to see your total revenue then come on the dashboard and click Analytics there and the tap on revenues. There you will see your income chart. 

Image by google https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DIbvq8rwmS9U&psig=AOvVaw3lCi8-9UAtunlL_FvB-H6c&ust=1593574998636000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAMQjB1qFwoTCICf4s_PqOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAp

How will you earn from ads?

Earning for small YouTubers is quite tough because the advertiser will not pay you any money if a user does not click on ads. You will be paid only when someone clicks on your ads.
Make sure to make a good content video so that visitors can watch at least 60% of your video so that Google can trust on your channel and give ads on your channel. You will not earn money if you have thousands or lacs of subscribers and have a very lost watch duration.

What is YouTube premium ?

Earning from YouTube is tough we all know but from when YouTube has launched its premium version, there is some relief for all YouTubers.
YouTube Premium is a feature that a user can buy for more facilities. If someone who had purchased a premium version watches your video then YouTube will give you some part of their revenue. Earning from this method is the primary source of the YouTube platform.

# Sell your own products

You can sell your own products with the help of your YouTube channel. You can promote your products and cam sell products to your audience. For that first, you have to gain trust from your audience and then provide full information about your products. The provide the link below in description so that they can place their order.

# Earn through Promotion

You can earn from this method only when you have many subscribers. You will be asked to promote their products, apps or services. But the only thing is that your channel has a huge audience. They will pay you a very good amount for the promotion of their product. 

In many videos on YouTube, we have seen that a channel owner promotes someone’s app or product. A channel owner gets paid from the product or app owner a good amount. This is also a good source of income you can earn from YouTube.

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# License your videos to Media

You can earn from this method only when any of your videos got viral. After uploading video if any of your videos got viral, then you can give a license to anyone to use your video in exchange for money. You can earn a good income from this method. So you should focus on content.

# Earn from affiliate with YouTube

Affiliate is also a good platform for many users. In Affiliate, you have to sell other company’s products. If any of the user click on the link provided by you and buy any product from the website, then you will get a commission for that.
And with YouTube, you have to first gain user’s trust then in the description, you have to mention the affiliate link. If someone buys the product from your link, then you will get a commission for that.
Many YouTubers are earning a good income from Affiliate Marketing.


These are the above methods from which you can earn money on YouTube. Just have some patience because no one can be a famous YouTuber in one month. If you want to earn money with YouTube then first work on content and creativity so that users subscribe to your channel.

If you know some more sources of income from YouTube then comment below and express your views.

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