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How to Start Blogging for beginners in 2021


To start blogging in 2020 is a big question from many peoples. Blogging is always a great platform for all peoples, so there is nothing like we should start or not.

So today in this article we will discuss about how to start blogging for beginners in 2020 ?

Blogging is a great platform where you can express your views and promote things also. Beginners have to first learn some things to enter into this platform which we will explore today.

Why we will start a Blog ?

There are plenty of reasons to start a blog, you can express your views, can sell products of your own and can also get commission for that.

We have to attract users on our website so that trust can build with them. Just do the regular posts and gain trust from visitors. When you will gain trust, there you will see a lot of options for earning which we will mention below.

Step by step Guide blogging for beginners in 2020 ?

Choose the perfect niche for your blog

choose right niche statrt bolgging in 2020

Firstly you have to choose the perfect niche for your blog. Your interest will help you to choose the perfect niche for blog. Choose that niche on which you have interest and knowledge so that you cam continue it for long time because many of the peoples choose as per someone’s suggestion which is completely wrong. If you are using this technique, then you will be content less in future and you will unable to think what to write now. So choose the niche as per your interest.

Choose the Platform

After choosing niche now you have to choose platform where you have to work. There are basically 2 main platforms of which one is free and other is paid .

The platform which is free is where users can work free and can upload and share their content without any cost. But you have to work with their subdomain which is with some limited features.

The another platform is which is self-hosted platform and it is paid. Here you have to purchase hosting to start you work but this is the best platform with best features we recommend. You can use any free plugins which help you to improve your content quality and make your post appear in top ranks in search engine.

Choose Domain

If you are looking for future in Blogging then you have to purchase a domain from domain seller websites. The most popular domain seller website is where you will get your domain at cheap price. The domain with .com is best so keep thing in mind while purchasing to purchase only .com domain name. Then you have to connect it with platform and now you have standard domain.

For more info how to choose Right Domain and where click has given this link

Choose Hosting

After successfully purchase of domain, now you have to go for hosting service which is very necessary for blogging. Hosting is a place where your all data is getting store where you will get many more services.

Some peoples say to go for free hosting services but we will recommend don’t go with them. You can start your work with free hosting service but will never succeed in future because there service is worst. A wrong hosting can cause many problems to your blog so go for some standard hosting service provider.

We will recommend to go with Blue host where you will get 24/7 service from their provider and will reply very soon for your queries.

Connect domain registered to host nameserver

Many new bloggers buy domains and hosting, but after purchasing it, they are unable to set it up. Could not update the name on the head. Today I will tell you how to update the register’s name server. The nameservers of whatever sting you are doing, you have to go to the Domain register DNS management update the name server.
If you buy nameservers from the same company Service Provider, then you do not need to update the name server. But if you have taken Domain from another service provider and the hosting is from someone else, then you have to go and update the name server in Domain Name server. When you update the name server, your website will be connected to the domain hosting. Be your domain point to the server.

Process to Add your website to from hosting

What many new bloggers are, there is a lot of difficulty in connecting to their domain hosting, so let me tell you. Very easy way. You have to go to the hosting from where you have done hosting purchase. There comes the option to add website. By clicking there, you will make your ad website.

Once the website is added to hosting, you have to go to Hosting. By going there, whatever you want to use website builder tools like you want to use going to the Word page you install WordPress and after installing you will have the option to create administrator and password. You have to create a WordPress account and after creating an account of the press, you can now access cPanel WordPress.

Once the hosting is added to your website, you will see an action button. You can do your edit website by clicking on the action. Whatever the customer wants to do in your website. Through WordPress, you can do as much customization as possible by sending posts to your blog, designing whatever you want to do.

wordpresss select theme

Install theme on

After installing in your hosting now you have to select the best theme for your blog. Theme plays very important role in Blogging. You will het more than 3000 themes on WordPress. You have to choose the theme which suits your niche so don’t choose any niche. First see the overview of theme, their ratings and responsiveness so that you cam choose proper theme.

Theme should be great, it can create big impact on the visitor’s mind. The theme should be user friendly so that the users have not to face any issues and can stop their for more time. You can also customize your theme whenever you want.

Write first blog post in WordPress

wordpress firt post start blogging
wordpress new post

Plugin must install in beginners WordPress website


The plugin that is in the WordPress blog plays a very important role. By using the plugin, you can customize your blog very well and keep it in the optimization way. There are lots of plugins. You can use it to customize your blog and whatever you want to edit or whatever you want to accept, there are lots of plugins for this security purpose too.
Many such plugins also come, so by using the plugin, you can improve your blog better and login also works very important in ranking your page.

Before writing a post in WordPress, you should install all these plugins and after that whatever you write the post will be good. Everything like this in an optimized way will be right for you.

So I have written a very good post on the plugin for you, in which only you need to have a necessary plugin, you should use it. We have used that plugin. In this post, you can find all the installation and activation step by step guide. Click on link post given below.

WordPress plugin click here

Add your blog on google search console

In Google search console, it is very important to add your website because there you index every post. Because of indexing, all your posts will be indexed in Google. Google will be informed that if you have written such posts, then your tendency to rank post is increased.
In this way, whatever you write post, Google will know and all the search that Google will get. If your post is relevant to it, then Google will put your post in front of the user. Your traffic will increase.
Therefore, Google Console is a very important step that you need to do because without it your indexing will not be possible. If there is no index, your website will not be available in your audience to reach your post. Google indexing is must for your blog.

Verify sitemap

What is the process of verifying your ownership of your website so you have to go browser and open search console and their option is site map and we have to click sitemap and verify the URL of your blog and that submitted successfully then it verify then you so that success status your sitemap.

robots.txt daddybloger start blogging

What is robots.txt file and why it is most important for blog

Robot.text file is made up of all websites. You can edit in it of your own choice. If you do not want to show any post. Don’t want to index anything in your website. If you do not want the page posted on it to be indexed in Google then you can not index it by taking the help of Robot.txt and displaying it.
If you want approval from Google on your site, then Google does not like some unwanted things. So you have the category tag in your website by taking robot.txt file help. Some are posted or some are sent. You do not want to index them. In Google, if you disallow of the robot dot text file by helping it, then your post will not be indexed in Google.
Let me tell you in a simple way that if there is any unwanted thing that you do not want to index in Google then we simply disallow by helping robots.Txt.

Start writing a unique content

After all things now you can start writing your unique content. You should have proper keyword for your blog which you will target in your blog. In Blogging the content is always king so your main focus should be only on content. It doesn’t matters how you are designing your website or attaching attractive theme or template unless there is a great and unique content on website. You can add images, audio, videos for more attraction for visitors.

Create some essential  pages on your blog

Create some essential pages on your blog

Contact us
About us
Privacy policy
Site map
Term and condition

cloud flare network daddybloger  start blogging for beginners

What is Cloud flare network CDN? And why used in the blog?

Every new blogger thinks that the traffic in his blog is very high.
Today we will tell you about a Cloudflare network that can increase your website speed by three to four times.
Speed ​​plays a very important role for any website. If your speed is high, then your website opens very quickly and then other people, your first search comes. A network for this. Cloudflare network through which you will add your website, so show your website to the user from the home server. For this, Cloudflare Network is. It serves as a home server. If any user is opening your website from somewhere, then from there, it will be shown to him by the home server.

Promote your Blog

After writing proper content now you have to promoter your blog on different platforms. The main traffic comes from social media so try to make your own page on Facebook and join groups there related to your niche.

Marketing and promotion of your blog is very necessary so here are some techniques to promote your blog.

Make your friend know about your blog and tell them to share it with more peoples.

Make a habit of commenting on other blogs where you can give your link so that they can come to your website.

Don’t forget to index your permalink to google search console otherwise you will not get organic traffic. For this, you have to go on url inspection on search console and have to tap on request indexing to make your post appear on google search engine.

You have to be active on social media. Join group related to your niche and promote your blog there.

 Guest posting is also a great technique for promotion of your website where you have to write articles on other websites, but the content should be unique.

Collect the mail of visitors and mail them of every latest update, this is also a good way to make traffic on website.

How to Earn money from Blogging ?

daddybloger start blogging in 2020

There are various ways to earn income from Blogging but for that first you have to gain visitor’s gain.

After some unique posts and proper theme customization, you have to apply for Google AdSense. After getting approval from there you can run ads on your website and when someone clicks on that ad, you will get revenue.

You can join the Affiliate program on your niche and have to sell their product and you will get a commission for that. You have to give your affiliate link on your website and if someone clicks on that and purchases some product, you will get a commission.

You can also earn here by sponsor post. Advertisers always looking for some exposure are ready to paid-for the promotion of their product or services. This is also a very good source of income for bloggers.

how to start blog in 2020
question before start blogging

Top questions that people asked before they started blogging.

How many days does a blog start making money ?

There are many new bloggers who come and start the blog immediately and they need earnings and the patient is not like that. You have to be patient. You have to work first. Running for at least 6 months, you have to work by keeping money. Only after doing hard work, your earnings will start.

What should be required skill before starting a blog ?

To start the blog, you do not need a technical background. You can also start your blog without a technical background. There is no coding skill and programming language required, without coding you can do this.

How expensive would that be. If we want to start by blog ?

You do not have to make any investment after the money that is spent on domain and hosting only. All other platforms related to and such, are related to your blog. You will find all the tools available on free and paid every platform easily. You take their help on your blog.

Should it include coding with a technical skill not ?
It does not require any coding skills and you can start a blog even if you do not know anything before starting blog.

How Much Money Can You Make From Blogging ?

From the blog, you can earn unlimited. You can earn sales by promoting your product by putting a product affiliate in your blog. You can earn minimum of 5 lakh and a maximum of 25 lakh.

All this question also discus in comment section below you can also out your reviews and idea


As we have seen there are many ways in Blogging from where we can earn a lot of income. So to start blogging for beginners in 2020 is a great way to make entry in Digital Marketing. So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below. Thank you

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