Top 5 ways to earn money online

Top 5 way to earn money online without any investment


In this article we discus how to earn money online there are many platform to start earning money now a days many people start blogging and earn money and they are Earn money which we cant think that so am discus top 5 Online earning idea guide step by step and also guide how to start your earning. This article helpful for all people who want to start their business and do hard work then they got idea from this article how to choose a interesting field and launch their talent and earn money easily because they work on their field.


There are many option to earning but we apply effort in right direction then any one can do better but if you choose wrong platform which is not belong to your profession then these are resigns of failure so today we talk about 5 top earning which is YouTube ,Article writing, Video tutorial and Freelancing site platform am sharing these top point and research to those topic so i hope it helpful for you read it care fully.

1. Freelancing site-

In Freelancing site, there is no require technical skill , coding Photoshop and no required a any programming language
Freelancing is the best options start working without any spending of money if you are part-time job work and have free time then you spend extra time here to earn money online on my point of view UP Work is the best for beginners Desire has done by the simple skill just like a data entry social media post designing and translation research Decide to provide work to any employment want to work in the Freelancing site so task completed and earn money from this site there are many top freelancing websites there are various way to work in freelancing site.
Freelances site hiring the good skill technical interested are applied for this plan and term and condition every site if they have confidence their educational skill then it very easy to work
Top 5 freelancing site which is mostly used and reliable.

  1. Upwork
  2. Elance
  3. Guru
  4. Freelancer
  5. Fiverr

2.Affiliate marketing-

Affiliate marketing most popular and booming field to work online without and away from home there are many people are earning millions and billions of earning from the affiliate marketing are one of the easiest ways to earn money now let us see how to earn money from affiliate marketing and what are the process of affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is work as a Process of retailer shop you make an account with retailer shop like Amazon Flipkart, Snapdeal there are many affiliate retailers this process are done by when you have signed up your account with retailers of 10 you promote this product you have to promote the retailers of product and product purchased for your link or suggestion then profit and commission are included yours our Commission of this product.

When you sign up affiliate retailer provide a link if you link post on your social media and your website and personal hearing of people if your link your purchases by your link then your commission is made there
Retailers of are decided to dear product Commission if you ask to buy a product from retailers of fix their Commission if your products are purchased by your link then your commission was collected in your account easily and it is very easy to share there product on social media.

3.YouTube –

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where without any investment you have to launch your professional skill and your content submitted video content on this platform anything you have to make sure to your profession there are many simple processes to have to make a channel and start your owns video tutorial without any investment is the main biggest thing which you have business has to no any investment in this we have to start and gain subscribers and watch hours then Monetize your channel and starts earning from YouTube.

Make channel on YouTube and provide such as confident content with a like and subscribe your content and interested people to view your video if your video has original and genuine then people watch your video and easy way to earn money from YouTube and most important thing is that YouTube provides some term and condition to monetize your channel YouTube term and condition are fully satisfied and YouTube provider ads on your video your then you to help provide your income on the best of your video your and subscriber its dependent totally on your effort.
Nowadays YouTube term and condition if you have 1K subscriber and 400 hours watch your channel then you have a permit to monetize your channel for ads.

There are many outside to increase your subscriber and here you have to share your channel link on your social media website and personal invite links to subscribe and see your video. So this is a big opportunity then I suggest starting your own business now.

More details and guidelines how to start you tube earning and how much ? click link given below

How to Earn money online on YouTube

4.Content writing –

How to Write Articles 

I never think that I have become an Article writer I am started writing an article and respective believe that my English and grammar are major things that improve my skill.
There is much big company their search article well but it cannot find a provider good content and well writer then if you have to explore your knowledge and consult to this websites to write an article and if you provide better content then company hiring you as content writer we earn money as a part-time full-time job.

Today most websites provide to submit your articles on there web site and they paid if your content is useful for the website.
The many companies are looking for a good article writer and he prepared 5000 to 15000 to 1 article if you are a good writing
And another at home with any website are provided to post your articles and it’s your article content is unique and not parallelism then he paid for articles payment as per your content writer.

5.Video tutorial-

It is good for professional work full-time job office work if you provide a goods video tutorial and many other site has purchased your ideas and published on their website purchased this course if you have good knowledge and research of any content and any topic, your hobby, is good and research for your topic we can understand easily Can you provide a video tutorial on YouTube udemy there are many platforms where video your video published and earn money from this if you are teaching any Course or subject related and anything you have to teach good with then you have to sell your video tutorial to a website are published then we website paid money from making a video.


So friends, in this post we told you, Top 5 way to earn money online So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and give suggestions With this, if you have any questions in your mind, related to these post which you want to ask us, then drop your query comment below. Thank you

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